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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sometimes, You Just Need to Laugh at Others' Stupidity.

Last night while perusing my Facebook account, I came across a story of a young lady who decided to take a stand for justice. This lady tried to get justice, thanks to a brave and honorable act.... she called the police to complain about the quality of the marijuana she purchased from her dealer. Some people are just not fit for small business ownership.

Here are 15 people dumber (equal to or greater than) that lady because..Friday.

1. This speech:

2. This mega sports fan / geography major:

3. This modern day Socrates:

 4. All the tattoo fails:

5. OMG, THIS girl is totes the luckiest:

6. This scholar:

7.This collegiate standout:

8. Students be like:

 9. The idiot who placed this ad on Gumtree:

10. Cooking with this bitch:

11. Hate when that happens: 

12. Plz txt ASAP:

13. This hair curling tutorial:

14. You gotta do what you've gotta do:

15. And with this guy, I'll stop:

Because I'm not even mad any more. I love everyone on the internet.

Have a good weekend, yo!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Thank you, Fanny Crown!

Remember that post I did for Fanny Crown's blogger contest? This post to be exact? 
Seems like a lifetime ago. I actually, in all honestly, had forgotten I'd even entered.

I was informed last night that my little old post, out of hundreds of entrants, had earned me one of three bronze winner titles, and a generous 100€ Fanny Crown voucher! Which came in perfect timing; I can get me a tailored dress to wear to my cousin's wedding next year!

Go here to view all of March's winning posts and contest details.

Once again, a huuuugggeee thank you, Fanny Crown for inviting me to take part. As cliché as it sounds, it’s not just about the prize, but creating the blog post was so much fun!

Don't forget, Fanny Crown's 15% off store-wide offer for my lovely readers is still valid.
All you need to do is enter this exclusive code at the checkout:
The code is only valid until May 3 2014, so get shopping!